Top 6 Features of Electric Scooter Apps

Top 6 Features of Electric Scooter Apps

Top 6 Features of Electric Scooter Apps

Map to View Nearby Scooters

Allow users to locate nearby available electric scooters on the map, making it easy to hire one with just a few clicks on their mobile screen.

QR Code to Unlock & Ride

User can the QR code on their mobile screen and start their ride.

Payment Gateway Integration

Provide your users with a safe and secure way of making payments online by integrating credit cards and mobile wallets. like PayPal, Braintree,, and Authorize.Net.

GPS Real Time Tracking

GPS real-time tracking allows users to easily locate the location of the corresponding parking area, helping users to park the electric scooters safely.

Smart Lock

Smart lock system to lock the Electric scooter using a mobile app. No matter where one parks the scooter, he/she can lock the scooter and end ride.

Push Notifications

Keep your users informed and updated about their rides, booking confirmation, payment and end ride. Notifications are also useful on the other end. Keep them updated with new offers and other things.

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