How To Choice Best Electric Scooter For You?

How To Choice Best Electric Scooter For You?


If you are going to be carrying it, you will need something 10kg or less. If taking public transport, the largest or heaviest e-scooter recommended is the E-TWOW Booster Plus


Check out the route where you will be using your electric scooter. Is it well-paved and smooth? Or is it bumpy and filled with potholes. For places with bumpy roads, larger wheels are safer and more comfortable to ride


Power and wheel size need to be matched. Powerful motors is small wheels will result in lots of skidding. Also consider the terrain you will be travelling on. If there are steep slopes, you will need at least a 400 W motor to comfortably climb the slope


Prices for electric scooters can range wildly from US$300 to above US$3000. If it’s for your daily commute, it is better to invest in a reputable and reliable brand such as Segway or E-TWOW, which will set you back by about US$800.


If used as a last mile solution between train station and destination, you would only need a max range of 20km per charge. But if you plan to ride your e-scooter from home to your workplace, you would need larger 10.4 Ah batteries that allow you to travel 35km per charge.


A good quality e-scooter and battery should come with a 1 year warranty. E-scooters are not cheap investments, so you should always go with a quality brand that provides warranty and after-sales support.


Lithium Ion batteries are expensive, so it is better to go for a good quality battery that would last a long time. Cheap China batteries typically have half the lifespan of Korean or Japanese batteries.


Just like a car, and electric scooter requires regular maintenance. Parts like brakes and tyres wear out over time. So make sure you buy from a shop that has the ability to provide you with repair and maintenance services.

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